Singer recording

Singer recording is something we do on an almost daily basis here at SASS.

With the trend for singing to backing tracks ‘Karaoke style’ we see a lot of singers both young and old.

All styles are covered from pop and rock to classical, musical theatre and folk.

If you play an instrument and write your own songs then please see our SINGER/SONGWRITER page.

Complete newbie? Not a problem, we are happy to help you through your sessions and always provide help and guidance whenever you visit. Some of Trev’s clients have been recording with him for years, not least because they value his guidance and experience as well as his technical expertise.

We don’t usually supply backing tracks (although we can if necessary) but advise you to purchase and download your own to ensure that you have the correct key and arrangement for the songs you want to sing. As an example there are a lot of songs called ‘The power of love’ and many different arrangements so make sure you are happy with your choice.

It’s also false economy to download low quality mp3’s from dodgy websites. Apart from the risk of them containing viruses they will sound terrible on your recordings! Genuine sites also comply fully with existing copyright and royalty laws.


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