Singer/songwriter recording

Singer/songwriter recording requires more than just a basic studio. It needs a range of musical tools and an experienced engineer/producer to work with.

Fortunately we have both.

Our diverse range of clients include singer/songwriter musicians who play guitar, classical piano, rappers, folk singers, rock artistes and ambient producers.

We help bring their ideas to fruition ‘as is’ or with the addition of other instruments, drum tracks, percussion etc if needed (some songs just don’t need anything else!).

If required we can call on a range of talented session musicians from both the semi-pro and professional worlds to suit project requirements. This doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune and can often be done remotely with players from any part of the world.

If you’re a singer/songwriter who wants to record your music and maybe produce your songs to a more advanced finish then just get in touch. We usually like to have a chat over a coffee or tea to discuss your project and for you to see what we have to offer (free of charge).

The studio rate is £35 per hour + VAT

Just use our CONTACT FORM

Call us on  01952 882657   or email us



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