Professional Live Video Streaming

Professional Live Video Streaming is very popular nowadays, especially during these Covid-19 infection times

Many businesses may need to stay in contact with their customers and suppliers without having meetings.

For small one to one meetings Skype or Facetime is fine but for larger meetings a more professional approach is required.

SASS have the equipment and technical knowledge to give you Professional Live Video Streaming over the internet for everyone. 

The video stream can be hosted on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo or your own website or other online location,

We can also arrange pay-per-view systems 

You can include live video, Powerpoint slides or other images, audio, and web browsers in your presentation.  

SASS have the ability to take in many inputs from different sources, this can include video calls from remote presenters.

We can come to you or you can come to our studio if required. 

For added protection against the virus we can also supply a completely remote video system with remotely controllable cameras. 

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Live streaming at SASS


Links to Free Streaming Sites

Youtube Live

Facebook Live

Vimeo Live