Band Recording

Our Recording Studio here in the beautiful Severn Gorge is ideal for band recording. We’ve recorded many bands from beginners to Grammy winners and always provide a professional service.

Don’t worry if you need a helping hand. We always help you to achieve the finished results you want. That goes from having a chat before you book, to getting your final pressings or uploads ready.

There are a variety of ways to make a band recording and we cover them all, from studio multi-tracking to live concert recording. We also have access to various spaces where we record bands all playing together like a rehearsal or gig. This is usually decided during a pre-booking discussion which helps us and you to plan the sessions.

Trev Wilkins is our main engineer/producer for all recordings. He has many years of experience and numerous commercial releases to his name including recording used by B & W for their high end Hi-Fi audiophile club.

The studio has a wide range of instruments, amps, percussion, plug-ins and effects to help mould your sound. These are provided free of charge.

Next to the control room is an acoustically treated room which is used for most of the isolated recording. The main studio area is big enough to accomodate several musicians including drums and has a great ‘live’ sound.

Tea and coffee is always available free and there’s a cafe on site plus three very nice riverside pubs close by!

Rates are £35 per hour (+ VAT) whatever you do.

There are no other charges except your final CDs. The rate is the same whether recording, mixing or mastering.

Payment must be made up to date before any media can be released.

Recording studio Telford
Telford Recording Studio
Recording studio Telford
Grand piano location recording





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